Brazing Accessories

Many of these items also come in other sizes. If you require a size not listed, please contact us.

Brazing Barrier Cloth

BRAZEMATT Brazing Barrier Cloth


Diversitech brazing mat to protect walls, floors, pipework, equipment, components and adjacent surfaces from torch flames when brazing. Contains no asbestos. Will withstand temperatures of up to 3,000 °F.

Pyrocool Flame Retardant Gel

PYROCOOL Pyrocool Flame Retardant Gel


PyroCool flame retardant gel protects surfaces and parts close to brazing. It reduces the risk of fire by protecting surfaces and dissipating heat. Sticks to surfaces for maximum protection. Suitable for copper, steel and aluminium pipework.

1kg Fire Extinguisher

FEXT1 1kg Fire Extinguisher


Kidde 1kg powder fire extinguisher.

Mirror for Brazing

MIRROR Mirror for Brazing


Mirror for use when brazing. Our mirrors also come as a handy magnetic pick up tool.

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