Cable Tray

All of our cable tray Medium Duty are available in stock from sizes 50mm up to 450mm. Any larger sizes can be ordered as with all Cable Tray Bends. If you do not see what you require please contact us. Whilst we only list a few Cable Tray accessories below we can order in other options, please enquire.

Cable Tray Medium Return

50mm Cable Tray, 3m CODE: CT50
75mm Cable Tray, 3m CODE: CT75
100mm Cable Tray, 3m CODE: CT100
150mm Cable Tray, 3m CODE: CT150
225mm Cable Tray, 3m CODE: CT225
300mm Cable Tray, 3m CODE: CT300
450mm Cable Tray, 3m CODE: CT450
900mm Cable Tray, 3m (Pre-order) CODE: CT900

Cable Tray 90° Bend

Cable tray 90 degree bend
50mm Cable Tray Bend (Pre-Order) CODE: CTBEND50
75mm Cable Tray Bend (Pre-Order) CODE: CTBEND75
100mm Cable Tray Bend CODE: CTBEND100
150mm Cable Tray Bend CODE: CTBEND150
225mm Cable Tray Bend CODE: CTBEND225
300mm Cable Tray Bend CODE: CTBEND300
450mm Cable Tray Bend (Pre-Order) CODE: CTBEND450
900mm Cable Tray Bend (Pre-Order) CODE: CTBEND900

Cable Tray Equal Tee

Cable Tray Equal Tee
50mm Cable Tray Equal Tee (Pre-Order) CODE: CTTEE50
75mm Cable Tray Equal Tee (Pre-Order) CODE: CTTEE75
100mm Cable Tray Equal Tee (Pre-Order) CODE: CTTEE100
150mm Cable Tray Equal Tee (Pre-Order) CODE: CTTEE150
225mm Cable Tray Equal Tee (Pre-Order) CODE: CTTEE225
300mm Cable Tray Equal Tee (Pre-Order) CODE: CTTEE300
450mm Cable Tray Equal Tee (Pre-Order) CODE: CTTEE450
900mm Cable Tray Equal Tee (Pre-Order) CODE: CTTEE900

Cable Tray Reducer

Cable Tray Reducer
100mm – 50mm Cable Tray Reducer (Pre-Order) CODE: CTRED10050
150mm – 100mm Cable Tray Reducer (Pre-Order) CODE: CTRED150100
225mm – 150mm Cable Tray Reducer (Pre-Order) CODE: CTRED225150
300mm – 225mm Cable Tray Reducer (Pre-Order) CODE: CTRED300225
450mm – 300mm Cable Tray Reducer (Pre-Order) CODE: CTRED450300

Cable Tray Joiners

Cable Tray Joiners Pair
Cable Tray Wraparound Type Joiners (sold in Pairs) CODE: CTJOINPAIR

Cable Tray Hangers

Cable tray hanger
50mm Cable Tray Hangers (Pre-Order) CODE: CTHANG50
75mm Cable Tray Hangers (Pre-Order) CODE: CTHANG75
100mm Cable Tray Hangers CODE: CTHANG100
150mm Cable Tray Hangers CODE: CTHANG150
225mm Cable Tray Hangers CODE: CTHANG225
300mm Cable Tray Hangers CODE: CTHANG300
450mm Cable Tray Hangers (Pre-Order) CODE: CTHANG450
900mm Cable Tray Hangers (Pre-Order) CODE: CTHANG900

Silver Zinc Galvanising Spray

Silver Zinc Galvanising Spray
500ml Can of Galvanising Spray
(picture may differ from actual product)

Roofing Nuts & Bolts

Roofing Nuts and Bolts
M6 x 12mm Roofing Bolts & Nuts (Qty 200) CODE: COMBIDRIVE612
M6 x 16mm Roofing Bolts & Nuts (Qty 200) CODE: COMBIDRIVE616
M6 x 20mm Roofing Bolts & Nuts (Qty 200) CODE: COMBIDRIVE620
M6 x 25mm Roofing Bolts & Nuts (Qty 200) CODE: COMBIDRIVE625
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