H Frames and Support Feet

Flexi H-Frame

Flexi H-Frame


The Flexi H-Frame kit from PumpHouse offers you the installer full flexibility by providing a solution where you can supply your own strut to suit your installation requirements. The H-Frame kits can be supplied with the standard 320mm feet or you can order them with larger feet where heavier more demanding loads are present. All kits are supplied with hot dip galvanised angle brackets together with all the necessary fixings to assist you in a low cost, versatile and fast assembly solution on site. For specs please click on link: http://flexisupportsystems.co.uk/product/h-frame-kits/

Bigfoot H-Frame

H Frame

The Bigfoot H-Frames come in three different sizes. We hold in stock the standard 305mm Feet kits but we can order kits with either 450mm feet or 600mm feet. The Bigfoot feet have interchangeable strut sizes to accommodate 21 x41mm, 40 x 38mm or 41 x 41mm strut. Please click link for specs www.bigfootsupport.com/h-frame-set

305mm foot kit CODE: HFRAME305
450mm foot kit CODE: HFRAME450
600mm foot kit CODE: HFRAME600

Flexi Feet with Strut

FIXIT Flexi Foot with Strut

The Flexi Foot from Pumphouse can support pipework, cable tray and can also be used to mount air conditioning units, air source heat pumps and a variety of outdoor equipment.

The feet come in four sizes:

250mm Flexi Foot CODE: FIXIT250
400mm Flexi Foot CODE: FIXIT400
600mm Flexi Foot CODE: FIXIT600
1000mm Flexi Foot CODE: FIXIT1000
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