BBJ & Inaba Trunking

BBJ Trunking Lengths (Ivory)

70mm Trunking in 2m Lengths (Ivory) CODE: D70
105mm Trunking in 2m Lengths (Ivory) CODE: D105

BBJ Wall Covers (Ivory)

70mm Trunking Wall Covers CODE: WC70
105mm Trunking Wall Covers CODE: WC105

BBJ 90° Internal Elbow Bend (Ivory)

70mm Internal Elbow Bends CODE: EB70
105mm Internal Elbow Bends CODE: EB105

BBJ 90° External Elbow Bend (Ivory)

70mm External Elbow Bend (Ivory) CODE: EIN70
105mm External Elbow Bend (Ivory) CODE: EIN105

BBJ Wall Rosette (Ivory)

70mm Wall Rosette CODE: WR70
105mm Wall Rosette CODE: WR105

BBJ Flat Wall Rosette (Ivory)

70mm Flat Wall Rosette CODE: FR70
105mm Flat Wall Rosette CODE: FR105

BBJ Connection Piece (Ivory)

70mm Trunking Connection Piece CODE: CP70
105mm Trunking Connection Piece CODE: CP105

BBJ 90° Flat Wall Bend (Ivory)

70mm Flat Wall Bend CODE: FB70
105mm Flat Wall Bend CODE: FB105

BBJ Trunking Duct End

70mm Trunking Duct End CODE: DE70
105mm Trunking Duct End CODE: DE105

BBJ T-Joint (Ivory)

105mm Trunking Equal T-Piece CODE: TJ105
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