TNC Stud Clips

Unique ratchet design ensures quick installation and adjustment. Available for M8 and M10 studding.

Size 30 Stud Clips

M8 CODE: SC0830 / M10 CODE: SC1030

¾” Plastic Overflow Pipe

Size 40 Stud Clips

M8 CODE: SC0840 / M10 CODE: SC1040

¼” (6mm) for use with 9mm lagging (10pk)

Size 50 Stud Clips

M8 CODE: SC0850 / M10 CODE: SC1050

3/8″ (10mm) for use with 9mm lagging (10pk)

Size 60 Stud Clips

M8 CODE: SC0860 / M10 CODE: SC1060

½” (12mm), 5/8″ (15mm) with 9mm lagging or ¼” (6mm) with 13mm lagging (10pk)

Size 70 Stud Clips

M8 CODE: SC0870 / M10 CODE: SC1070

1.1/4″ Plastic Waste Pipe, ¾” (20mm) with 9mm lagging or 3/8″ (10mm), ½”(12mm) with 13mm lagging

Size 80 Stud Clips

M8 CODE: SC0880 / M10 CODE: SC1080

7/8″(22mm) for 9mm lagging or 5/8″(15mm) for 13mm lagging

Size 90 Stud Clips

M8 CODE: SC0890 / M10 CODE: SC1090

1.1/2″ Plastic Waste Pipe, 1.1/8″(28mm) with 9mm lagging or ¾”(20mm), 7/8″(22mm) with 13mm lagging

Size 110 Stud Clips

M8 CODE: SC08110 / M10 CODE: SC10110

1.3/8″(35mm), 1.5/8″(42mm) for 9mm lagging or 1.1/8″(28mm), 1.3/8″(35mm) for 13mm lagging

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