Brazing Kits, Torch Tops & Nozzles

Many of these items also come in other sizes. If you require a size not listed, please contact us.

Flametech Brazing Kit

BRAZEKITELITE Flametech Brazing Kit


From CWB Wholesale, the Flametech Brazing kit. No more expensive cylinder rental and charges from gas suppliers. When you purchase the Flametech kit, you also get the Oxygen cylinder. When empty, the customer returns the empty cylinder in exchange for a full cylinder.

The kit includes:

  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Mapp Gas Cylinder
  • Wheeled Trolley
  • 2 Gauge Oxygen Regulator
  • Mapp Gas Regulator
  • Cylinder Extension
  • Oxygen Flashback Arrestor
  • Fuel Gas Flashback Arrestor
  • Brazing Torch & Mixer
  • 3 Metres Oxy/Acetylene Hose
  • Lightweight Nozzle x 2

TurboSet 1000

TURBOSET1000 TurboSet 1000


The TurboSet 1000 from OxyTurbo is a small portable Brazing Kit designed for use with disposable cylinders. The kit comes complete with oxygen and high performance Maxi Gas fuel, which when combined can attain temperatures of up to 3,050 °C. The TurboSet 1000 is designed to be highly portable, with the whole kit weighing just 5kg.

Please note: spares can be ordered for this product through us as well as gas refills.

Rothenberger Super Fire 2

SUPERFIRE2 Rothenberger Super Fire 2


The Super Fire 2 from Rothenberger is a fully adjustable soldering and brazing torch. Professional hotter flame at any angle, even fully upside down. For brazing up to 28mm OD. Stainless steel burn tube. Lock button keeps hands free. Super Fire 2 is complete with Piezo ignition. For any product tech info please see link from our supplier:

Double Barrel Torch Head

BR157 Double Barrel Torch Head


Double barrel hand torch from UniWeld.

Bernzomatic TS8000 Self Ignite Torch

TS8000 Bernzomatic TS8000 Self Ignite Torch

CODE: TS8000

The self ignition TS8000 from Bernzomatic, for use with Mapp Gas.

Brazing Shield for Torch Heads

BRAZEGUARD Brazing Shield for Torch Heads


Heat deflector guard from Rothenberger – prevents scorching of walls and skirting boards when brazing. Mounts onto most burner tips. Nothing separate to hold or attach to pipe. Evenly heats pipe. Width is 2½”.

Triple Spark Lighter

SPARKLIGHTER Triple Spark Lighter


Spark lighter for lighting brazing torches.

Pepperpot Brazing Nozzle

PEPPERPOTNOZZ Pepperpot Brazing Nozzle


Pepper pot lightweight brazing nozzle for use with lightweight shank and mixer for heating or brazing.

Lightweight Brazing Nozzles

BRAZENOZZ7 BRAZENOZZ10 BRAZENOZZ13 Lightweight Brazing Nozzles


Lightweight brazing nozzles available in three sizes: 7, 10 and 13.

Uniweld Twin Flexible Nozzle

CWB31181EU Uniweld Twin Flexible Nozzle


Flexible twin nozzles that you can bend to fit the job even around corners and then re-bend back to original shape.

Uniweld Flexible Nozzle

Uniweld Flexible Nozzle CWB31181EU


Flexible nozzle from Uniweld (up to 7/8″). Same as twin, you can bend to fit the job and re-bend back to shape.

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