Copper Pipe, Fittings & Ancillaries

Many of these items also come in other sizes. If you require a size not listed, please contact us.

Copper Straight Lengths (3m)

Copper Straight Lengths
 3/8” Half Hard copper CODE: 38X3
 ½” Half Hard copper CODE: 12X3
 5/8” Half Hard copper CODE: 58X3
 ¾” Half Hard copper CODE: 34X3
 7/8” Half Hard Copper CODE: 78X3
 1.1/8” Half Hard Copper CODE: 118X3
 1.3/8” Half Hard Copper CODE: 138X3
 1.5/8” Half Hard Copper CODE: 158X3

Larger sizes are available, POA. 6m lengths available to order direct to site.

Soft Copper Tube 15m

Soft Copper Tube
¼” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 14X15
3/8” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 38X15
½” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 12X15
5/8” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 58X15
¾” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 34X15
7/8” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 78X15

Soft Copper Tube 30m

Soft Copper Tube
¼” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 14X30
3/8” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 38X30
½” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 12X30
5/8” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 58X30
¾” Soft Copper Coils CODE: 34X30

90° Long Radius Copper Bends

Long Turn 90 degree Copper Bend
¼” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB14
3/8” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB38
½” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB12
5/8” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB58
¾” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB34
7/8” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB78
1.1/8” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB118
1.3/8” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB138
1.5/8” 90° Long Radius Bend CODE: LTB158

Straight Copper Connectors

Straight Copper Connector
¼” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON14
3/8” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON38
½” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON12
5/8” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON58
¾” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON34
7/8” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON78
1.1/8” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON118
1.3/8” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON138
1.5/8” Copper Straight Connector CODE: CON158

45° Copper Bends

45 degree copper bend
¼” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B4514
3/8” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B4538
½” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B4512
5/8” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B4558
¾” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B4534
7/8” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B4578
1.1/8” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B45118
1.3/8” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B45138
1.5/8” 45° Copper Bend CODE: B45158

Copper Equal Tees

Copper Equal Tee
¼” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE14
3/8” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE38
½” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE12
5/8” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE58
¾” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE34
7/8” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE78
1.1/8” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE118
1.3/8” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE138
1.5/8” Copper Equal Tee CODE: TEE158

Copper Reducers (FxC)

3/8” – ¼” Copper Reducer CODE: RED3814
½” – 3/8” Copper Reducer CODE: RED1238
5/8” – ½” Copper Reducer CODE: RED5812
¾” – 5/8” Copper Reducer CODE: RED3458
7/8” – ¾” Copper Reducer CODE: RED7834
1.1/8” – 7/8” Copper Reducer CODE: RED11878
1.3/8” – 1.1/8” Copper Reducer CODE: RED138118

Other reducer sizes available on request.

Copper P Traps

Copper P Trap
5/8” Copper P Trap CODE: PTRAP58
¾” Copper P Trap CODE: PTRAP34
7/8” Copper P Trap CODE: PTRAP78
1.1/8” Copper P Trap CODE: PTRAP118
1.3/8” Copper P Trap CODE: PTRAP138

Copper U Bends

Copper U Bend
3/8” Copper U Bend CODE: UBEND38
½” Copper U Bend CODE: UBEND12
5/8” Copper U Bend CODE: UBEND58
¾” Copper U Bend CODE: UBEND34
7/8” Copper U Bend CODE: UBEND78
1.1/8” Copper U Bend CODE: UBEND118
1.3/8” Copper U Bend CODE: UBEND138

Brass Flare Unions

Flare Union
¼” Flare Unions CODE: UN14
3/8” Flare Unions CODE: UN38
½” Flare Unions CODE: UN12
5/8” Flare Unions CODE: UN58
¾” Flare Unions CODE: UN34

Brass Flare Nuts

Flare Nut
¼” Flare Nuts CODE: FN14
3/8” Flare Nuts CODE: FN38
½” Flare Nuts CODE: FN12
5/8” Flare Nuts CODE: FN58
¾” Flare Nuts CODE: FN34

Vibration Eliminators

Vibration Eliminator (anaconda)
3/8” Vibration Eliminator CODE: VIBELIM38
1/2” Vibration Eliminator CODE: VIBELIM12
5/8” Vibration Eliminator CODE: VIBELIM58
3/4” Vibration Eliminator CODE: VIBELIM34
7/8” Vibration Eliminator CODE: VIBELIM78
1.1/8” Vibration Eliminator CODE: VIBELIM118

Copper End Caps (Bonnets)

Copper end caps (bonnets)
¼” Copper Bonnet CODE: ENDCAP14
3/8” Copper Bonnet CODE: ENDCAP38
½” Copper Bonnet CODE: ENDCAP12
5/8” Copper Bonnet CODE: ENDCAP58
¾” Copper Bonnet CODE: ENDCAP34

Ball Valves with Schrader

Ball Valves with Schrader
¼” Ball Valve CODE: BALL14
3/8” Ball Valve CODE: BALL38
½” Ball Valve CODE: BALL12
5/8” Ball Valve CODE: BALL58
¾” Ball Valve CODE: BALL34
7/8” Ball Valve CODE: BALL78
1.1/8” Ball Valve CODE: BALL118
1.3/8” Ball Valve CODE: BALL138

Schrader Valves

Schrader Valves
¼” Access Valves CODE: ACCS
5/16” Access Valves CODE: ACCS516
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