Bottle Rental Terms

Please note the following conditions that apply to gas bottle rentals. These conditions are driven by charges made to us by our supplier, National Refrigerants. We do not profit from these charges.

Please be aware that you the customer are responsible for returning gas bottles to us on time.

Due to the volume of gas bottles distributed we are not able to inform you when you have passed your free rental period. We will however pass on the rental costs/lost bottle costs as and when we are charged by National Refrigerants. As our supplier issues charges on a monthly basis you may continue getting charged after you return your bottles as the charges continue to catch up until the date they were returned. We can collect your empties but at a cost or have the charge wavered if you have a delivery to a site at the same time.

Free rental periods:

Nitrogen   – 3 month FREE rental from date of order.
Refrigerant Gas  – 12 month FREE rental from date of order.
Reclaim Bottles  – 12 month FREE rental from date of order.

Any bottles not returned within 2 years will be subject to a written off charge on top of the monthly charges. Please enquire for more details.

As there is no movement from National Refrigerants on these charges, if any bottles are returned to us one day over the FREE rental period you will incur that month’s rental charge as we will be charged by our supplier.