Drain Adaptors & Condensate Hose

Clear Condensate Hose

¼” Reinforced Vinyl Hose in 30m Roll CODE: 14VINYLR
3/8” Reinforced Vinyl Hose in 30m Roll CODE: 38VINYLR
½” Reinforced Vinyl Hose in 30m Roll CODE: 12VINYLR

Black Condensate Hose

¼” Re-enforced Vinyl Hose in 30m Roll CODE: 14VINYLRB
3/8” Re-enforced Vinyl Hose in 30m Roll CODE: 38VINYLRB

Vinyl Hose Joiners

¼” Vinyl Hose Joiners (2pk) CODE: 14VINYLCON
3/8” Vinyl Hose Joiners (2pk) CODE: 38VINYLCON

Vinyl Hose T Connector

¼” Vinyl Hose T Piece CODE: 14VINYLTEE

Non-Return Valves for Vinyl Hose

¼” Vinyl Hose Non-Return Valves (5pk) CODE: NRV14
3/8” Vinyl Hose Non-Return Valves (5pk) CODE: NRV38

Jubilee Clips

9.5-12mm Jubilee Clips CODE: JUB9.512
11-16mm Jubilee Clips CODE: JUB1116
13-20mm Jubilee Clips CODE: JUB1320
16-22mm Jubilee Clips CODE: JUB1622
18-25mm Jubilee Clips CODE: JUB1825
22-30mm Jubilee Clips CODE: JUB2230
25-35mm Jubilee Clips CODE: JUB2535
32-45mm Jubilee Clips CODE: JUB3245

Soil Stack Adaptor

Soil Vent adaptors for Hose (3pk) CODE: SVA3

Pumphouse Drain Rubber Adaptors

Green 1” – ¾” Rubber Drain Adaptors (3pk) CODE: ADAPCACS
Blue 1” – 1.1/4” Rubber Drain Adaptors (3pk) CODE: ADAPCACM
Black 1” – 1.1/2” Rubber Drain Adaptors (3pk) CODE: ADAPCACL

Plastic Drain Adaptor

3/8” – 22mm Hose to drain adaptor CODE: ADAP1

Plastic Drain Adaptor

16, 18, 22, 35mm – ¼” Hose adaptor CODE: ECOPADAP

Aspen Xtra Hose to Overflow Adaptor

¼”, 3/8” Hose to Overflow adaptors (3pk) CODE: FP2040

Aspen Xtra Drain Rubber Adaptors

16-20mm Black Rubber Adaptors (3pk) CODE: FP2001
16-25mm Black Rubber Adaptors (3pk) CODE: FP2002
16-32mm Black Rubber Adaptors (3pk) CODE: FP2003
12-16mm 90° Bend Adaptors (3pk) CODE: FP2006
16mm Offset Hose Adaptors (3pk) CODE: FP1024
16-21mm Black Rubber Adaptors (3pk) CODE: FP2011
32-21mm Black Rubber Adaptors (3pk) CODE: FP2013
10-6mm Reducers (3pk) CODE: FP2020
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